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What to Know About Commercial Generator Installation

You can’t tell when severe storms or a total electric blackout will affect your property. Therefore, you need to stay prepared and ready for such situations to continue running your day-to-day activities without power outages. Installing a generator is the best way to stay in business and not risk interruption to productivity, which will, in turn, affect your profit. As one of the top electricians in the Lehigh Valley, PA, we’ve compiled the essential things to know about commercial generator installation.

Factors to consider when installing a commercial generator

Installing commercial generators isn't straightforward, so there are factors to note before going about the installation:


Consider the climate of your city before installing a commercial. If you get a lot of rain or wind, consider installing a protective enclosure to keep the generator from moisture that may lead to rusting.


Commercial generators are generally very noisy, so to prevent this noise from getting in excess, you need to build a cancellation noise enclosure to help reduce the noise. However, it needs to be made in a way that ensures proper airflow.

Your space

Ensure you have enough space to contain the generator you’re opting for. Generators for commercial spaces tend to be big and thus require considerable space.

Steps to installing a commercial generator

Choose a generator make and model

This is vital, so do some background research on the various types and models of generators. This can help you make a pre-informed decision.

Obtain permits

This is the most crucial step before committing to installing a generator. Every local governing authority has a different pre-installment requirement that determines whether you can DIY or have to hire someone to do the job. Obtaining the needed permit is a legal requirement that ensures that you operate within the legal parameters.

Choose a location

This will require you to do some preparatory work at the location where the generator is installed. Commercial generators should be located in a space that is:

  • Away from windows, doors, and water sources

  • Easily accessible for maintenance

  • Out of the way of utilities

  • Close to fuel source and electrical hookup

  • Clean on all sides (including above)

Other installation considerations

Power capacity

Before choosing a generator, you have to ensure that the unit’s power output suits your commercial needs. Smaller units tend to have less capacity than large units. In a commercial facility, you typically need a powerful unit to ensure that commercial activities continue at optimal capacity.

Hire an electrician in the Lehigh Valley, PA

Installing commercial generators is not so straightforward. It takes professional skills and a focus on detail, like those of the Lehigh Valley electricians at Werkheiser Electric, to ensure that the installed generator doesn’t cause damage due to inappropriate installation.

Commercial generator solutions that keep power on no matter what

At Werkheiser Electric, we understand the importance of reliable power and are here to help. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best generator solution for your business and provide a seamless installation process.

Don't let unexpected blackouts disrupt your activities. With our expertise and top-notch generator solutions, you can say goodbye to disruptive downtime and hello to seamless success. Request a quote today.


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