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New Year Resolutions for Your Home's Electrical System

While there's nothing wrong with focusing on saving more money, getting fit, and eating healthier in the new year, don't forget to make resolutions for your home's electrical system. 

New Year's electrical resolutions can keep you and your loved ones safe, lower energy consumption, and help you save more bucks. 

Install or reset GFCI outlets

Set a goal to install GFCI outlets in your home this year, as they can be a lifesaver. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) can protect you from shocks and electrocution in high-moisture areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

Already installed GFCI outlets? Resolve to reset them monthly by pressing the test/reset button and ensuring they trip and reset accordingly. Also, have an electrician test them yearly and replace them if they malfunction. 

Repair or replace malfunctioning appliances

Ignoring or neglecting malfunctioning appliances is easy, but that can be dangerous. Old appliances or those not functioning correctly can pose severe fire and safety hazards. 

If you have any of these appliances, don't risk the safety of your home and loved ones. Have an expert repair or replace them. 

Invest in energy-efficient LED light bulbs

Want to save more money? One way to achieve your goal is to go for energy-efficient LED lights in place of incandescent light bulbs. 

While you may be discouraged by their high upfront cost, LED bulbs use 75 percent less energy, ensuring they pay for themselves in only a few years. LED bulbs not only lower energy consumption and save money, but they also last 35 to 50 times longer. 

Install more outlets

You may never have thought of it, but plugging in multiple appliances or relying on extension cords in areas with few electrical outlets is simply asking for trouble. 

Inadvertently, you are overloading the circuit, which could lead to shocks and fire hazards. If you are strapped for socket space, make it a point to install additional sockets. 

Schedule an annual electrical inspection

Another goal you should add to your New Year's electrical resolution list is scheduling an annual inspection. A qualified electrician can help identify potential hazards, outdated wiring, or electrical issues you may not have noticed.

Regular inspections can prevent electrical problems, safeguarding you and your family, preventing costly repairs, and keeping more money in your wallet. 

Your favorite Lehigh Valley electrician can help you keep your electrical resolutions 

With our range of services, we can electrify your resolutions, ensuring a safe and efficient electrical system that saves you some major bucks along the way. Let's be your electrical partner this new year. Reach out to us today to learn more.  


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