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Here's Why an Electrical Inspection is Essential

An electrical inspection involves a comprehensive examination of the electrical infrastructure including boxes, wiring, breakers, and other components. You shouldn't wait until there's a problem before taking action. In this piece, you'll learn when and why an electrical inspection is often a great idea:

After large renovations

Any renovation to the building can alter its electrical configuration. As such, when renovations are completed, you should get an electrical inspection done by qualified professionals.

If you're getting new home appliances or replacing old ones, an electrical inspection is especially recommended. Additionally, if you plan to sell the home after a renovation, an electrical inspection is essential to ensure that everything is in peak condition in readiness for the sale.

To avoid potential hazards

Even if things are seemingly working fine, there could be underlying issues- problems that won't reveal themselves until it's too late to mitigate the damage. As such, you must have a professional check things out to ensure that there are no mistakes. A home electrical inspection can help you mitigate potential future hazards resulting from issues with electrical systems e.g fires and malfunctions.

For compliance reasons

Electrical inspections are essential to help ensure compliance with federal and local electrical codes. Local codes are typically NEC-based (Nationally Electrical Code), as established by NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association). You should note that local codes take precedence over national codes in the event that there's a conflict in the stipulations. The right professionals are knowledgeable experts on the matter, and can help you understand if your electrical setup is violating any legal codes.

For insurance purposes

Sometimes, your home insurance provider can request for your home's electrical safety report as prepared by a certified professional. It often occurs after you've been with the same insurance company for several years. Also, it tends to happen after a claim. The reason is because the older your house gets, the higher the risk of such disasters (30+ years is the typical trigger). Hence, your insurance company will request an electrical inspection report to ensure that your property remains within their insurable risk limit.

Burning smells and flickering lights

Flickering lights tend to indicate inherent electrical problems, such as a circuit overload. Additionally, burning smells emanating from switches, appliances or fuse boxes are equally serious warning signs. In such scenarios, you should quickly contact an expert for an electrical inspection.

Take care of your electrical system

You needn't wait before issues arise before taking the necessary steps. A certified electrician is precisely what you need to ensure that you have everything working perfectly and there's no hazard risk. Request an inspection.


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