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What to Know When Rewiring a Home

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Bethlehem, PA, is a historic city with many homes built before the 1950s. Back then, there was no such thing as smart kitchens, computers, sound systems, generators, and many other modern day devices.

If you're about to hire a contractor to rewire your home in the Lehigh Valley, here are things to consider before you start.

Make a list

Rewiring your home requires planning. You need to figure out the changes and new additions you want added to your home.

Also, identify the devices/appliances you want to use and where you'll be using them in the home. Make a list of everything you want so that when you discuss with your electrician, you can clearly communicate your needs. Werkheiser Electric can help you plan for any of these changes. We guide you step by step along the way.

Choose an electrician with experience in rewiring homes

When selecting an electrician, choose one that understands the challenges and complexities of rewiring new and old homes in Bethlehem and the surrounding Lehigh Valley areas.

Permitting Process

Although some electrical repairs do not require a permit, you'd require a permit to rewire your home. Permits ensure that a qualified electrician is handling the job and the necessary codes are adhered to.

Failing to get a permit not only endangers you and other occupants of your home, you may also be asked to pull out finished work and start all over. Werkheiser Electric will pull permits for the job so you can sit back and relax while the work gets done.

Adding Modern Technology

There is no better time to add new technology to your home while it would be getting rewired. USB inputs that are included on the outlets and dimmable light switches are just a few easy changes that can be installed.

Modern wiring with a new designed touch

If you're rewiring an old home, you'll have to update it to meet the standards and demands of today.

We can add switches, plates, lighting fixtures, and other elements that match the design of your home or any other design trend you are looking for.

It's safer, better, and guarantees quality work if you have a local professional like Werkheiser handle it. Request our service today to get started.


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