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Smart Home Switches and Lighting for Security

With homeowners in affluent neighborhoods in Saucon and Allentown recently reporting break-ins, it has become paramount to turn to an alternate means of securing your home - smart home switches and lighting.

If you're still relying on doors and windows to keep away burglars, you should be aware that they aren't sufficient. While they can help prevent break-ins, they can only do so much, as determined and creative burglars often find their way past them, especially under cover of darkness.

At Werkheiser Electric, we've installed Lutron smart switches for several homeowners, whose properties now enjoy better security, not to mention the ease and total control that comes with the installation.

How do smart home switches and lighting work?

As you'd expect, the switches control indoor and outdoor lights remotely. Additionally, the switches control other electrical installations like smart fireplaces, fans, and waste disposal units. Here's some of what smart light switches do:

  • Remote lighting controls: Wherever you are, you can turn the lights in your home on or off via an app installed on your device.

  • Time-based schedule: Smart switches also allow you to set a time to turn your lights off or on. If your schedule is tight, and you forget to switch the lights on or off, the scheduling settings can be configured to effect the change automatically whenever you want.

  • Set up the lights to fit various scenes: Smart light switches allow you to set the lights to match a specific mood or scene. Whether you're watching a movie, hosting a dinner party, or simply reading, you can set the lights to fit the atmosphere of the ongoing activity.

  • Voice control: Smart switches use voice assistants like Alexa and Google to switch the lights on or off.

Benefits of smart home switches and lighting

If you reside in Pennsylvania, especially in Allentown or Saucon, here's why you should install a smart lighting electrical system for securing your home:


Smart light switches are highly convenient. Sometimes, you may feel disinclined to get up, particularly on weekends or after a long, hard day at work. Here, smart light switches can help you control your exterior, kitchen, dining, and bathroom lights.

With smart light switches, you avoid moving around to switch the lights on and off and do it from wherever you are. Even more, you can schedule the lights to go on or off at any time of the day if you're not with your smartphone.

More control

How wonderful it feels when you get home to an already comfortable atmosphere, for instance, when your HVAC adjusts to a suitable temperature just before you arrive home. In the same way, you gain more control over your outdoor security lights and other lights in the house.

By linking the smart lighting system to smart appliances in your home, you can control them with your smart switch. More control over the lights gives you more confidence in your home's security, whether you're indoors or away.


Lighting is crucial in keeping your home safe from burglars. You can keep the lights on whenever you're away, deterring potential invaders from trying their luck.

Simultaneously, you can reduce energy bills by switching the lights off remotely during the day. Also, at night, just before you sleep, you can automatically switch the lights on for the same reason.

Secure your property with smart home switches and security lighting today

With the ever-present threat of burglary and property damage in parts of Pennsylvania, installing smart home switches and lighting should be the top priority. They’re highly convenient, offer flexibility, and, most importantly, help you optimize your home lighting to work as security installations more efficiently. Reach out to us today.


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