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How To Teach Your Children Electrical Safety

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

As an adult, your risk is much reduced, given that you've had a lifetime of experience and knowledge about the dangers of electric currents.

For kids, it's a different scenario. As such, it's essential to impress upon their young minds the inherent dangers. How best can you teach them about electrical safety?

Play games or watch videos

Children learn quickly with audio or visual aid and when there's fun to be had on the go. It applies to electrical safety too.

Several age-appropriate and relevant video resources online teach the basics of electrical safety in a fun and easy way for your children to understand quickly.

Take advantage of these resources, and give them gift incentives as a reward for learning.

Be creative with books and stories

If you read your kids' stories at bedtime, you can incorporate this educational element to help them learn about the dangers of electricity.

For instance, you can remake their favorite storybook characters into a different type of individual- one with plenty of knowledge about electricity.

Then, use this to press home the lessons you want them to learn and teach them to be careful while using electrical appliances.

You can also add a twist to the tale to show the dangers of being careless around electricity to further drive home your point.

Set rules in place

With electricity, there cannot be half measures. An excellent way to teach your kids about electrical safety is to enforce fixed and strict rules. Some of the rules include:

  • Not using electrical devices with wet hands

  • Never overloading outlets with too many extension cords

  • Never flying drones and kites near power cables

  • Never touching transformer boxes

  • Never touch down wires

Show them the wiring and explain how it works

Another great way to teach your children about electrical safety is to take them around the house and show them the circuit's wiring structure, electrical outlets, and other circuit components.

In simple terms, explain how each unit works, and demonstrate by plugging-in appliances when necessary. Finally, let them know why they must be handled with care and which units are entirely off+limits.

Teach them about water and electricity

Many electrical accidents happen because children fail to understand that water is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Explain this phenomenon to them in simple terms, and remind them often.

And if you need an electrician to upgrade your service panel, install fixtures, rewire your home, and so on, let us know by requesting a service today.


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