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How to Know When Your Ceiling Fan Has Electrical Issues

Ceiling fans are a common feature in many homes, helping to keep us cool and circulate the air. But what should you do when your reliable fan starts to act up? This might be a sign of an electrical problem. 

If you ignore these signs, you could end up with not just a frustrating situation but also a possible safety risk. Here are some critical signs that mean your ceiling fan needs to be checked by a ceiling fan electrician in the Lehigh Valley:

Buzzing noises

If your ceiling fan constantly buzzes, it might mean that the wires inside are loose or not working properly. 

This is a serious issue because it can create sparks that could catch nearby objects on fire. Our ceiling fan services at Werkheiser Electric can check this out to ensure everything is safe and working correctly.

Rattling or humming

It's normal for a ceiling fan to make some noise, but if you hear a lot of rattling or humming, it might mean there's a problem with the electrical parts. 

This could happen if the motor is wearing out, the blades are not attached tightly, or the part that controls the fan's speed is not working correctly. These issues can strain the fan and make it less efficient, so it's essential to get a ceiling fan services to check them out.

Speed fluctuations

If your ceiling fan speeds up or slows down on its own, it might be because of voltage issues caused by a bad capacitor. This inconsistency can damage the motor over time and could even create a fire risk. 

It's essential to pay attention to these changes and have a Lehigh Valley electrician check everything to ensure that your fan is functioning safely.

Burning smell

If you smell something burning coming from your ceiling fan, it’s a severe warning sign. This could mean the wires are overheating or the motor is going bad. If you’re experiencing this issue, turn off the fan right away and call a ceiling fan services to check it out. 

Flickering lights

If the lights on your fan flicker or dim on and off, it might be because of loose wiring connections or a bad switch. This is similar to when lights flicker in other parts of your home and shouldn't be ignored. It's essential to have an electrician fix this to avoid any potential dangers.

Warmth around the fan motor

While it's normal for the motor of your ceiling fan to generate a little heat, it should never feel very hot to the touch. If the area around the motor feels unusually warm, this could be a sign that the fan is overheating due to electrical issues. 

Overheating can cause damage to the fan and might even start a fire. To keep your home safe, get an electrician to check and fix any problems.

A faulty fan can affect your comfort and safety.

Ignoring electrical problems with your ceiling fan can lead to expensive repairs, fires, and injuries. If you notice any of the above warning signs, contact the #1 Lehigh Valley ceiling fan electricians immediately.  

We offer quick and reliable electrical services in and around the Lehigh Valley, keeping your home cool and safe all summer long!


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