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Helpful Hints

Energy Saving & Safety Tips:

  • Replace conventional light bulbs with LED bulbs for prolonged bulb life with a significant reduction in energy consumption. (LED bulbs can last for 10 years)

  • Have a whole home surge protector installed to prevent against power surges that could destroy expensive appliances and computers

  • Install new tamper proof receptacles that provide excellent protection from children sticking objects into standard outlets and getting shocked. Tamper proof receptacles require equal pressure when plugging in a cord that in turn releases spring loaded receptacle cover plates. No need for plastic plug covers that are annoying to remove and replace and pose a choking hazard to smaller children.

  • To lower cost of electric bills at your office or place of business, install occupancy sensors in place of standard light switches. If the space is not being used, the lights will shut off automatically. Ideally for use in bathrooms, warehouses, kitchens, or offices.


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