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Finding the Right Electrician in the Lehigh Valley

Hiring the right electrician in the Lehigh Valley, is an essential part of any electrical project, from comprehensive remodels to lighting upgrades and installations. Due to the dangerous nature of electricity, such work cannot be done by just anyone, and it's crucial to have a professional electrician carry it out.

For that reason, you can't just have a random electrician come around to carry out the project. In other words, you have to find the right professional. Here are tips for finding the right Lehigh Valley electrician.

Ask for recommendations

One of the best ways to find the right electrician is to ask your network of friends, colleagues, and family who've had cause to employ the services of a professional electrician in the past. If they enjoyed the services of a professional that got the job done perfectly, they'll be sure to recommend them to you.

Consider their license and insurance status

An electrician's status as a licensed professional is the most decisive factor in identifying the right service for your electrical project.

A license guarantees that the electrician isn't a quack but has undergone the specialized technical course and satisfied the requirements to be a standard practitioner. A licensed electrician will perform the task to the highest levels and industry standards.

Additionally, an insured electrician is ideal, as they have certain policies that make them assume liability if things go wrong. So, when searching for the right electrician in the Lehigh Valley, ensure they are licensed and insured.

Consider their experience and level of expertise

The right electricians aren't simply licensed and insured. They also possess specialized expertise in various electrical works and installations, much of which requires additional qualifications and considerable years of experience.

Using the best Lehigh Valley electrician means that you get to receive the very highest standard of workmanship and electrical safety.

Compare quotes to get value for money

Finding the right electrician in the Lehigh Valley, PA, often means that you'll have to compare quotes. After narrowing down the options you got from recommendations and your own research based on qualifications, licensing, and experience, you can compare the prices to help you get more bang for your buck.

When finding the right electrician for your project, don't forget to tell them exactly what you want and the materials of fittings that you want to use. Then, when the electrician quotes with a breakdown of the prices, you can easily compare one to another and make the best choice.

Note their communication and attitude

Being a professional electrician with all the required technical expertise is not enough. An electrician with poor communication skills and a bad attitude is not the right choice for you.

For the project to go smoothly, there cannot be any miscommunication. As a result, take note of certain things when looking for the right electrician in the Lehigh Valley, PA, such as their punctuality and willingness to communicate in clear terms.

We’ll keep your electricity running so you can shine brighter

Hiring the wrong Lehigh Valley, PA electrician for your project is just as dangerous as doing it yourself. Rather than take any risks, why not take the time to find the best electrician with the required qualifications and expertise?

At Werkheiser Electric, we handle any type of electrical work. Whether you want storefront lighting, generator installation, mini split wiring installation, or a complete renovation, we’ll keep your electricity running! Request a service today.


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