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Benefits of Landscape Lighting and Factors to Consider

Landscape lights are more than simply functional pieces that illuminate the space. With the right lighting, you can have your landscape looking beautiful, enhance your outdoor living experience, and even increase your property’s value. If you don’t have landscape lighting installed yet, here are some reasons why you should:

To illuminate the outdoor space

After a challenging and tiring day, you may want to spend some time in your outdoor living space with friends and loved ones. You may have tried some landscaping techniques, such as blending your garden space with other outdoor space elements, like your patio, to increase the area's charm.

However, nothing can help you perfect this outdoor landscaping technique better than landscape lighting. With it, you can beautify your outdoor space, create the right ambiance, and make it very comfortable at night.

To highlight elements of your landscape

You can install LED lights next to flower beds and other aesthetic elements in the landscape to highlight them and create an almost dream-like nighttime effect. Depending on the elements you want to highlight, you can select various colorful lights of different types to get the best effect.

To boost property value

Any significant addition or upgrade to your home structure, indoors or outdoors, will enhance the property’s valuation, which is excellent if you want to put up the house for sale at any time. Potential buyers will be impressed by the stunning outdoor lighting, especially if they’re well-configured, and be quick to shell out top dollar for your home.

For safety and security

While nighttime security cameras are great, few things deter potential burglars from a nighttime raid than a well-lit landscape. Asides from this, landscape lighting provides safety for you and your loved ones as there's a reduced chance of tripping, falling, and sustaining severe injuries at night.

Considerations for landscape lighting installation

While choosing your preferred lights is easy, installation is tricky, as you want to ensure that the electrical fixtures are aptly done. There are several considerations to make when installing landscape lights, and we’ll discuss a few of them below:


What is the purpose of your landscape lighting system? Do you intend to illuminate your landscape to provide easy navigation to your home, deter intruders, or create the right ambiance for your patio? Knowing the purpose will help you determine the right fixtures and installation techniques.

Voltage options

Low-voltage landscape lights are the best option for longevity and energy conservation. As such, we advise that you use LED lights.

Halogen bulbs, although exceedingly bright and requiring no shielding, do not last very long- only about a year. That is why we recommend LED bulbs, which use 75% less electricity than halogen bulbs, with an average life span of 50,000 hours. While LED lights cost more upfront, you save considerably more over time.


It is ideal to consider installing lights that are powered by smart technology. Technology is a primary consideration for light landscape installations, so automated lighting systems are highly convenient.


Finally, ensure to conduct due research regarding the costs of the lighting fixtures, including their installation and potential maintenance.

Beautiful and functional landscape lighting that transforms your outdoor space

Landscape lights are essential for functional and aesthetic reasons. However, installing them requires a careful consideration of the lighting fixtures, how they best fit into your home’s overall electrical configuration, and several other factors. At Werkheiser Electric, we will create a customized lighting solution that transforms your outdoor space and meets your unique needs.


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