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7 Electrical Tips to Stay Safe This Winter Season

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Winter's arrival prompts us to seek warmth indoors, often relying on space heaters, electric blankets, and twinkling lights to create a cozy atmosphere. However, with these devices come electrical hazards. 

While keeping your home comfortable this winter, Werkheiser Electric also wants you and your loved ones to stay safe. Follow these crucial electrical safety tips to maintain a warm and hazard-free environment: 

1. Don’t overload circuits or wattage

Despite the darker days, only use the recommended wattage for light installations. Don’t overload wall outlets; only plug three-prong cords into three-prong outlets. Only use extension cords only for temporary purposes. 

Overloading the wattage will cause the circuit breaker to trip and open up, which shuts off the power supply to that circuit, cutting off electricity.

2. Keep flammable objects away from heat sources

Our reliance on heaters, fireplaces, and other heat-emitting devices intensifies as the cold seeps in. Yet, it's imperative to keep flammable materials, such as blankets, curtains, or papers, at a significant distance from these heat sources. This simple step can prevent potential fire hazards, ensuring a safer environment for everyone at home.

3. Take extra care with heaters

The warmth provided by heaters, be it space heaters or fireplaces, is undeniable during winter. However, their operation demands unwavering attention. Always pay attention to the importance of consistent supervision. Stay attentive and avoid leaving these devices unattended. 

Remember to power them off before leaving the room or retiring for the night. This practice is not just a habit; it's a safety measure that significantly reduces the risk of accidental fires, ensuring peace of mind for all occupants.

4. Diligently monitor electrical outlets

Our reliance on electrical outlets intensifies during winter, powering numerous devices to keep us warm and entertained. Yet, it's imperative to monitor these outlets regularly. 

Keep a keen eye out for wear, damage, or overheating signs. Overloading outlets with multiple devices can pose a significant fire hazard, underscoring the importance of exercising caution and avoiding situations that may compromise safety. 

5. Leave rewiring and installation projects to the pros

Any type of rewiring or new installations should be left to a professional. The projects must comply with the National Electrical Code to ensure it is done correctly. Doing so will help you avoid potential hazards disrupting your holiday experience. 

6. Position your outlets and power strips correctly

The positioning of outlets and power strips plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety. Ensure they're easily accessible, away from sources of moisture, and not concealed by rugs or furniture. This simple step prevents overheating and minimizes the likelihood of electrical fires.

7. Stick to Christmas light safety protocols

The sparkling allure of holiday lights adds to the festive spirit, but their usage requires adherence to safety guidelines. Regularly inspect cords for any damages, promptly replace malfunctioning bulbs, and avoid overloading electrical circuits to avert potential accidents.

Your electrical partner is here to keep you warm and safe this winter season

Winter brings joy and warmth, but safety should never take a backseat. Implementing the correct electrical safety tips significantly reduces the risk of accidents and helps you have a memorable holiday.

For expert advice or assistance with electrical concerns, reach out to us. We're here to ensure you stay warm and secure throughout the season. 


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