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6 Electrical Hazards to Watch Out for in the Winter Months

The chilly weather, slippery roads, and hours of darkness aren’t the only things to worry about in winter. You also have to remain vigilant about potential electrical hazards that may arise during these colder months. 

To protect your home and property, watch out for these electrical issues that can happen in winter:

Power outages

Winter can make power go off because of bad weather, ice, and wind. Sometimes, the power returns quickly, but sometimes, it takes a long time. 

Prepare for this by having a stand-by generator so that your heating system, among other facilities, will remain functional throughout this period.

Circuit breaker trips 

In the winter, you tend to use more power for heating and lights, which can be too much for the circuits, causing a power outage. 

To stay ahead of this possibility, consider changing your old electrical systems to new ones that can handle the increased power load in the winter.

Static electricity

The dry winter air makes static electricity more common, making you suffer electric shocks every time you go near electronic or electrical appliances in the house.

Ensure that you buy a humidifier to help reduce the static in the air. Another tip is to keep a metallic object on your person and touch it before using your devices. This can help you get rid of the extra electricity in your body and protect you from shock.

Leakages from frozen pipes

When it is very cold, the water in the pipes can freeze and make the pipes break. This can make water leak, mess up your electricity, and leave you at risk of electrical hazards or even fire disasters. To protect yourself, ensure that your pipes are well insulated.

Short circuit from unsealed electrical outlets

Cold air can seep inside the power outlets, meaning that your heating system will work harder to keep the space warm, increasing electricity costs.

The cold air can also condense to moisture due to the difference in temperature near the outlet, causing it to short circuit. To prevent this, ensure that all outlets are well insulated during the winter.

Generator dangers

Generators are almost indispensable during winter, but they can be unsafe if you don’t use them correctly. 

To avoid generator-related incidents such as carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock, electrocution, and fire, follow the directions supplied by the manufacturer. 

Also, avoid back-feeding, as it is hazardous and can electrocute utility workers and even neighbors.

Stay warm and safe this winter with your trusted Bethlehem Electrician

To make sure your family stays safe and cozy this winter, it's essential to know about these electrical dangers and do things to prevent them. If you notice any electrical problems, don't try to fix them on your own. 

Instead, ask a professional electrician, like Werkheiser Electric, for help. We can handle the job safely and reliably. Contact us today to discuss your electrical needs for a safe winter season.


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